Below is a list of all our rates at Wilton Mill Farm including our beachfront cottage in Looe.Choose a cottage and a week, starting on a Saturday, that suits you and contact us via our booking request page; www.wiltomill.com or by telephone; 01503 220957. Prices are per week.

Barn Cottage

Late Summer 20182018-09-012018-09-29£425.00 per week
Autumn 20182018-09-292018-10-20£375.00 per week
Autumn 2018 half term2018-10-202018-10-26£425.00 per week
Late Autumn2018-10-272018-12-21£350.00 per week
CHristmas 20182018-12-222019-01-04£600.00 per week
Early Winter 20192019-01-052019-04-12£375.00 per week
Easter 20192019-04-132019-04-26£425.00 per week
Spring 20192019-04-272019-05-24£400.00 per week
Early summer 20192019-05-252019-07-12£500.00 per week
Summer 20192019-07-132019-08-30£600.00 per week
Late Summer 20192019-08-312019-09-27£450.00 per week
Autumn 20192019-09-282019-10-11£400.00 per week
Autumn 2019 Half Term2019-10-122019-10-255£450.00 per week
Late Autumn 20192019-10-262019-12-20£400.00 per week
Christmas 20192019-12-212020-01-03£700.00 per week
Winter 20202020-01-042020-04-03£400.00 per week

Mill Cottage

Late Summer 20182018-09-012018-09-29£475.00 per week
Autumn 20182018-09-292018-10-20£450.00 per week
Autumn 2018 half term2018-10-202018-10-26£525.00 per week
Late Autumn2018-10-272018-12-21£450.00 per week
CHristmas 20182018-12-222019-01-04£750.00 per week
Early Winter 20192019-01-052019-04-12£425.00 per week
Easter 20192019-04-132019-04-26£550.00 per week
Spring 20192019-04-272019-05-24£450.00 per week
Early summer 20192019-05-252019-07-12£525.00 per week
Summer 20192019-07-132019-08-30£750.00 per week
Late Summer 20192019-08-312019-09-27£500.00 per week
Autumn 20192019-09-282019-10-11£460.00 per week
Autumn 2019 Half Term2019-10-122019-10-255£550.00 per week
Late Autumn 20192019-10-262019-12-20£450.00 per week
Christmas 20192019-12-212020-01-03£800.00 per week
Winter 20202020-01-042020-04-03£450.00 per week

Wheel Cottage

Late Summer 20182018-09-012018-09-29£450.00 per week
Autumn 20182018-09-292018-10-20£395.00 per week
Autumn 2018 half term2018-10-202018-10-26£450.00 per week
Late Autumn2018-10-272018-12-21£375.00 per week
CHristmas 20182018-12-222019-01-04£650.00 per week
Early Winter 20192019-01-052019-04-12£400.00 per week
Easter 20192019-04-132019-04-26£475.00 per week
Spring 20192019-04-272019-05-24£425.00 per week
Early summer 20192019-05-252019-07-12£510.00 per week
Summer 20192019-07-132019-08-30£650.00 per week
Late Summer 20192019-08-312019-09-27£475.00 per week
Autumn 20192019-09-282019-10-11£425.00 per week
Autumn 2019 Half Term2019-10-122019-10-255£475.00 per week
Late Autumn 20192019-10-262019-12-20£425.00 per week
Christmas 20192019-12-212020-01-03£700.00 per week
Winter 20202020-01-042020-04-03£425.00 per week
Wilton Mill Picnic Area